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My Interests

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I like to sing, play computer and video games, surf the Web, play rough sports for fun (full contact anything), go to the movies, fishing, bowling, drinking, playing drunken pool or darts, and I like to hang out and party. The main things that are important to me are being there for my friends and the whole "family" vibe thing. I enjoy being with other people, no matter if they're my brothers, my friends, or other people.


I listen to all kinds of music. My favorite types of music are heavy metal, love songs, and soft rock. I also like rap, r&b, alternative, stuff they play on the radio, a few country songs, and also some classical music. It depends on my mood. 


Type of food: Mexican, with Italian a close second
Food: Steaks, Stuffed Shells, Mom's cooking
Drink: Iced Tea (any flavor)

Colors: Black, red, and purple
Day: Friday
Place to visit: Cebu, Philippines
Sport: American Football

TV Shows: WWE Raw and Smackdown, Conan O'Brien
Movies: Braveheart, Star Wars movies, Terminator 2, Mortal Kombat
Movie Star: Arnold Schwarzenegger
Actresses: Kate Beckinsale, Naomi Watts, Jessica Alba
Video games: Xenogears, Final Fantasy 4, Castlevania SOTN
Bands: Chimaira, Lamb Of God, Devildriver, Killswitch Engage, Strapping Young Lad
Quote: "Forever stronger than all" - Phil Anselmo


My people when they get confused, fake people, waking up early, being interrupted when you're eating, anything related to political correctness, and stupid people.

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